Reversible watermarking - Advanced Techniques

Lena, Mandrill, Boat, Airplane and the other classical test images are available from USC-SIPI Image Database USC-SIPI

The Kodak test set composed of 24 true color (24 bits) images of sizes 512x768 are available in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format at Kodak. We introduced the Kodak set in reversible data hiding in 2011 see D. Coltuc, "Improved embedding for prediction-based reversible watermarking," IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 6.3 (2011): 873-882, IEEE
The Canon set, available from Canon, has eighteen 480x512x3 images. We will present reversible data hiding results on Canon set at IEEE ICIP 2018

2017 Scientific Report

2018 Scientific Report

2019 Scientific Report


2 published papers in ISI journals with cumulated ISI Article Impact factor of 5.015 (according to Thomson Reuters 2018 Journal Citation Reports), 11 published papers in conference proceedings indexed by ISI, and other international databases (IEEE Xplore, Scopus, DBLP and Google Scholar),

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